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This query searches all posts on MarkZak.com. There are two ways to search:

Word Search
Type in words to search for in the text box. The engine will return results if ALL of the exact phrase (including spaces) that are found in a post title or a post body. The order of the words is relevant in the search, as it is a phrase search only. Capitalization doesn't make a difference. Comments are not searched.
For example, searching for summer vacation will return all posts with the exact phrase summer vacation.
If the search is too narrow, remove words from the query. If too broad, add more words to the phrase.
Hint: Using partial words, such as tech when searching for technology will return all forms of the word, such as techno and technologies.

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An alternate method of searching is by tags. Each post may be tagged with any number of identifying categories. Click on a tag below to search for any posts in that category.
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