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Saturday, August 19, 2017
The other day, Maggie May comes up to me and with a completely straight face says:
"Did you know that if you get too hot, your heart will melt, and then you'll die?"

Monday, August 14, 2017
Three Years
So it's been 3 years. Three years to the day since i moved out, and into an apartment in Hawthorne. I remember meeting my neighbor and asking him how long he'd lived here. Three years, was his response. And i remember thinking, wow, that's a long time! That's like being a junior in college! And here i am. Oh, how time flies.

I didn't think i'd still be here. I thought by now i'd have a different life. A NEW life. Not sure exactly what that would look like but definitely less..... lonely. The judgment was finalized (thank GOD) a little over two years ago, which was the "official" beginning of the divorce. That took a good chunk of my life away.

So what have i been up to, mostly? Well work takes up most of my week, with 9-hour work days. After work i go to the gym 3 times a week, and during the weekends, i pack-up the minions and go to OC. So the only really "free" time i've had was on a few weeknights. I think the hardest part has been that not a whole lot happens on weeknights, as most people leave socializing to the weekends. There are events every now and then, sure. But it's also a mindset thing. You've got to be READY to go out and live life again.

This summer i have started doing that. I've been spending more time in the beach cities, socializing, and meeting people. It's been quite exciting and invigorating! To be alive and one with the community is a great feeling. I look forward to meeting more people, and can say that i am open to finding someone special out there. Someone to share my life with. My hopes, my dreams, my future, and yes, my kids.

Friday, August 11, 2017
On the potentially slim chance that i am...
So, in the rare case you are in a bar with me, AND i have been drinking, AND there's Karaoke going on, AND you have successfully convinced me to sing, then these are Marky Mark approved songs which i have vetted and would be willing to sing.
For the record.

Tiffany - I think were alone now
Bon Jovi - livin' on a prayer
Bonnie Tyler - Total eclipse of the heart
Top gun - You've lost that lovin' feeling
Tom Jones - Delila
Depeche mode - pour some sugar on me
Men without hats - Safety dance
Journey - don't stop believing

Now go and cover your ears.

Hermosa Rewind
I've started taking SmackFest volleyball classes again.

This crazy time warp throws me right back 10 years into the past.
Feeling the soft sand in-between my toes...
Playing some amazing volleyball whilst getting awesome exercise...
Hanging out with totally chill people with great vibes...

And of course. The sunsets.

It's good to be back. Never-Never land still hasn't lost its touch.

Saturday, August 5, 2017
The Rabbit Hole
The internet is an amazing and wonderful place. It is also ENDLESS. Enter onto the scene YouTube, a vast treasure trove of videos spanning the entire possible spectrum of humanity, conveniently linked to content that a magical algorithm has determined you will find interesting. Unfortunately, it's a little bit TOO accurate.

I call this the RABBIT HOLE.

I start my adventure thinking, oh, perhaps a video or two is all, at around 9:30 last night.

Tucker. Finding idiots and blowing their minds. Very addicting.
Naturally, next up would be
Followed by a little one-on-one
With a rebuttal by Steven Crowder
Ben Shapiro & Joe Rogan tie that in with more current events
Which leads into the MMA fights they're referring to
Which naturally could only lead to
And then degrades quickly into
Which has a motorcyclist as the protagonist, and of course leads to
And then just devolves into people being fed up with bad drivers
And naturally, the police get involved
Followed by bullies getting their just reward
Followed by people celebrating too early and failing
Which everyone knows translates directly into chess??
...now getting a bit more into the strategy
And somehow a totally random story about an amazing physics teacher??
Which then leads out of the darkness and into the light of humanity
Which, naturally, is then a reminder that there are also bad people out there

A this point, i'm rubbing my eyes. It is 3:24 am. I have been swindled again, and somehow just lost 6 hours of my life. All i have to show for it is a single chess move to avoid.

Heed my warning, fellow sailors: The YouTube Sirens are not your friends!

Stay away. For the love of GOD. STAY AWAY!!

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