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Tuesday, February 18, 2020
My baby & I
So my lovely, beautiful-hearted daughter is now in 3rd grade. She's in a new school as well because the schools in LA are so small, they can only handle so many students. Her current school is from 3rd through 5th grade. And in this new school each year they host a Father-Daughter dance.

How excited am I?! SO EXCITED!!!

A father lives for the slim window of his life when his daughter is old enough to dance, yet young enough where she wants to dance with nobody but HIM!
That window is literally from 3rd grade through 5th grade. After that, fathers tend to be an "embarrassment" for their daughters, through no fault of their own, of course I know it's coming. And although i know it will make me sad, i will go out kicking-and-screaming, letting my lovely little lady know that i love her with each and every terrible dance step that i take.

And so the first ever Maggie May and daddy dance took place just this last week. I dressed to the nines, and so did she.

A lovely night was had by all, and lots of Hi-Cs were drunk and plenty of cookies were eaten.

Oh, and did we kill it on the dance floor?


Gosh, i can't WAIT for next year!!

Saturday, February 15, 2020
Sideswiped, but a quick recovery
This past Tuesday (2/11/20) was a lovely day. Work was fine, left early to grab Alexander from school, went grocery shopping, picked up Mags and then went back to the apartment. Chilled there for a bit before going to swim practice, where i swam my usual mile. I had a lovely swim, and then made my special bananas & sausages at home for dinner. The kids really wanted to try out my new game Taverns of Tiefenthal, so we opened that one up. About an hour into the game, i started to feel it.

Seriously, out of no where. My throat started feeling sore and i felt a bit of pressure in my head. Oh no! Not another cold! I had such a good streak going. I haven't been sick for like half a year!

So Wednesday i was struggling through work, with it getting worse and worse, and by the end of a long 11 hour day, i could barely keep my eyes open due to the sinus aches.

Woke up this morning (Thursday) and had a full blown cold. Taking the day off. Taking lots of fluids, decongestant, and vitamins. Its feeling pretty good right now. Hopefully i caught this one before it got too bad. Honestly, though, i haven't been getting very good sleep lately, and drinking a *bit* too much. So i could have been taking care of myself better. It's also been pretty cold, and I've woken up plenty of nights lately freezing.

You've got to do a better job, Mister.

Saturday morning, 8:45am. I took yesterday easy; thank goodness it was my RDO. I really wanted to go to the gym, but instead i just rested. Good call. I woke up this morning feeling pretty good. NyQuil and 8+ hours sleep does wonders. I still feel a bit foggy, and you can hear by my voice that i was sick, but other than that i'm good to go. Only 2 full days down on this one. No Green snot! Still "counts" as sick, but I definitely beat this one!!

Thursday, February 6, 2020
After being dragged through hell, our duly and democratically elected president of the United States remains. This is despite the best efforts of the poisons left, which has been trying to remove this man from office since the day he won.

Now go on an keep doing great things, Mr. Trump! The podium is yours.

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