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Thursday, December 31, 2015
Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 17, 2015
Star Wars
Probably my favorite genre since as long as i can remember. The Battles. The technology. The possibilities. Not much has come even close to my love of the Star Wars universe. As anyone who knows me well would attest to, i'm pretty damn knowledgeable about it as well. I've read the expanded universe books, and seen the movies dozens of times. Whether the type of the monster that lives in the asteroid, the name of the lava planet in E3, or even complex theories of how Darth Sidious is personally responsible for Padme's death, i have yet to meet someone who knows as much about Star Wars as i do.

And then they go and make an Episode 7. COME ON!!

My brain is pretty much full with all the existing Star Wars knowledge. And now, i must join the ranks of the millions that will see this movie. And i will LOVE IT. And they will too!


So Episode 3 was released TEN years ago, in 2005. And it's hot-dog about time that they made another one. The anticipation coupled with the global love of the genre added to the insane marketing and promotion of this film will redefine the word "blockbuster." I mean, they are even giving away tickets to see the movie on Hip-hop stations! The acceptance of this is truly a phenomenon. And the masses will respond. En mass (of course).

This movie will break EVERY SINGLE RECORD held by any movie ever made up to this point. Opening day. Opening weekend. Opening month. Pre-sales. Gross DVD sales. Merchandising.
It will literally sink Titanic. Game over, Avatar. We're talking BILLIONS in revenue & sales. It will, without a doubt be the hugest grossing movie ever made, and might well hold that title for a very, very long time. Or at least until episode 8 comes out.

It's a brave new world out there. So go see the movie. I know i will. Thrice!

And so it begins.
Box Office: 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Hits Record $57 Million Thursday Night
Box Office Numbers for 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Just Got Bigger
Box Office: 'Star Wars' Scores Massive $153.5 Million Christmas, Crosses $1 Billion Globally

Monday, December 14, 2015
So with all of the Star Wars hoopla surrounding the release of the Episode 7, i took it upon myself to talk cinema shop with Alexander. I decided to tackle the nuace of your standard "movie" with epics, classics, and most importantly, Sagas.
So the Merrian-Webster definition of a "saga" is a long and complicated series of events. Or in cinema speak, many, many sequals. But not just any sequels. I've always said, that the best way to ruin a GREAT movie (the singular) is to make a sequel.

Star Wars is, of course, not just a "movie." It's a Saga, a piece of a bigger puzzle. Just like Lord of the Rings. The important thing to remember is each of these episodes not only stand apart as their own story, but continue a larger story which is impacted by previous events. As you could imagine, this is a bit difficult to explain to a 7 year old. And so the conversation continues.

Me: Alexander, do you know the difference between a movie that has a sequel and a saga?
Alexander: No.
Me: Well, most movies are made just as a one-time movie. Like 'The Incredibles' or 'Big Hero Six.' There's a story to tell, and once it's over that's it.
Me: Then there are other movies that have a sequel, but are not a saga. Such as 'the Santa Clause' or 'Shrek' or 'Despicable Me'. These are just movies attempting to monetarily capitalize on the unexpected success of the first one.
Alexander: OK....
Me: And then there's a Saga. Lord of the Rings, which you're too young to see. Back to the Future. And of course, Star Wars. These movies are sagas. Do you know why they are sagas?
Alexander: ... because they're ... wet?

Of course at this point i bust out laughing. SAGA. He mixed it up with SOGGY!
I literally almost peed my pants.
I'll circle back around to this topic when you're 10, buddy.

Friday, December 4, 2015
The best time of the year!
It's that time of year, boys and girls!

LEGO Advent Calendar time!
Awesome family fun for everyone!

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