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Wednesday, November 9, 2016
Amazing Victory
He pulled it off.
I went into yesterday's election not knowing what would happen. It could go either way. I wasn't one of those people who "knew" that one candidate or another would win. I honestly thought it would be close, and the loser would protest, vis-a-vis 2000.
Trump took it. He took it BIG. It was a nail-biter there for a few hours, but in the end Trump was Elected the 45th President of the United States of America.

At first, i didn't really believe it. But then today at lunch, i was watching CNN, and it started to sink in. The knowledge that the Clinton Crime Syndicate would no longer plague America with their lies, deceit, scandals and corruption. The feeling that the undeniably bias Media doesn't have a strangle-hold on the minds and hearts of Americans, spewing their tainted and biased filth in an attempt to brainwash the masses. The idea that the person occupying the White House is NOT a career politician, but actually knows what it takes to hold a JOB. That they will put the US first in the world. There will be NO apology tour this time around. This will be the end of the decline of the United States.
I felt, for the first time in a long time, the feeling of true hope.

Of course no one knows how this will all play out. Stopping the backwards, leftist movement of this country is a grand achievement in itself. And the idea of Judges that will actually UPHOLD that little thing called the "Constitution" is a breath of some serious fresh air. If The Donald is able to successfully pull off even a third of the lofty goals he has set out for his term, then i will consider it a raging success.

So here's to you, Donald. Excuse me. "President-Elect" Donald. Follow your heart, and i will pray that you truly are able to Make America Great Again.


Wednesday, November 2, 2016
One week away
For those of you who have had your head in the sand, this election is the epitome of a cluster-FU@#. Both sides are so unbelievably sick of the partisanship and animosity between the (mere) two sides of the spectrum.

Unfortunately, we must endure this grueling and undeniably agitating horse and pony S#!T show for another week, and we must do so for our country's future.

THIS election is without a doubt the most important election of my lifetime. So make sure that you vote not for yourself and your own pathetic wants and desires. NOOOooooo. Honestly, your desires are completely irrelevant.

You must, for once, vote for FUTURE generations, so that they may have a chance at the true American Dream.


Thursday, October 27, 2016
A trip to the Capitol
Having very little time with the kids during the week affords me... opportunities. And i am by no means one to sit on the sidelines of life. So i've decided on taking "mini-trips" as i'm prone to calling them. These are trips during the MIDDLE OF THE WEEK, for just a day or two.
Setting it up this way allows me to not have to worry about scheduling childcare for the weekends, as i have the minions every weekend. And with such a short trip, you'll hit the most important placed, and not get bored of the trip! Of course, this only works for close distances, as long travel times (ie, Europe) would greatly cut into the trip, and the cost-benefit of the tickets vs. the time spend there would be lopsided.

None the less, today we have the capital of California: SACRAMENTO!

This was more of a historical trip than planned, and boy was i thrilled about it! California has such an amazingly rich history, with the Spanish Priests settling the coast, the gold rush of 1849, and eventually becoming a state in 1850. But not before being its * very own country * for a sum total of 25 days, known as the California Republic, in 1846.

The Capitol Building was the highlight of the visit

The seal of the California Senate, found all around the Capitol.

The California Bear, standing outside of Governor Jerry Brown's office.
Both the Governor and the Lieutenant Governor were not at work during my visit. Shocking.
Fun Fact: It was spotted by our last governor Arnold Schwarzenegger at a resort during a skiing trip. He liked it so much he immediately purchased it from the owner and had it flown back and installed in front of his office, where it remains today.

And finally, i got to shake hands with perhaps the most well know Governor of California, turned President, Ronald Reagan!

If you've never been to Sacramento, and would love to get knee deep in some Calfornia history, i'd highly recommend it. A very cool, albeit short, trip.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016
Fun Facts on Inter-species Deaths
I get sick of people whining about how humans are the worst species on the planet, and are simply a plague or virus, reeking havoc on the world, global-BS-warming, blah-blah-blah.

Well, my internet meanderings brought me this lovely gem of information, from Business Insider and Nature.com, no less, showing how there are numerous other species that kill their own at a rate many multiples of humans.

So put that in your pipe and smoke it, environmentalists!!

Monday, October 17, 2016
Maggie May on her trike
Three Years ago, to the day, i was teaching Maggie May how to ride her tricycle.
Here she's going at it the best she can.

And today she looks like THIS:

Amazing how time flies.

We. Are. Mortal.

Saturday, October 15, 2016
That means OCTOBERFEST! Huzzah!!

Bring on the Wenches!!

Monday, October 10, 2016
His First Derby!
St. Killian's Church was having their local Oktoberfest, just like last year . But this time, they planned on having an official Pinewood Derby race! Before i was finished even explaining what it was, Alexander was IN.

It was important to remind him that he was going to do most of the work. I would only handle the things that he wasn't too adept at, such as measuring, painting and sanding. He readily agreed. So we bought a kit and now it was time to come up with an idea. On the car ride home, I handed Alexander the piece of wood, and said that we could make whatever car he could dream up, WITH the exception that it had to be in more-or-less the shape of the wood block.

At first his mind raced to Star Wars. He though about an X-wing. A B-wing. I told him those wouldn't work with the shape. I said this was HIS car, and we could do pretty much anything, even a.... Banana if he wanted. So he sat quiet and thought deeply. About two minutes later he shouts out "HOT DOG! I wanna make a hot dog!"

And so we did.

The maximum weight was exactly 5 oz. We NAILED it!

The Competition. Lot's of creativity here!

And the result? Well, unfortunately we didn't do a very good job with the wheels. The problem being that the base of the dog was curved, so without using longer nail axles (which was not allowed) they didn't want to stay put. So when going down the track, the dog had a tendency to veer very much to the left, and bounced back & forth between the lane walls like it was inside of a pachinko machine.

Out of our 3 races of 3 cars each, we came in 2nd every time. So we didn't get a placement trophy. But.....

we did get a design trophy for "Best Non-Car Car!" Huzzah!

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