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Friday, January 21, 2022
So... i got the Corona Virus
Yup, sure did.

Started feeling strange, with a bit of a headache on Tuesday night. I dropped off the kids, and went to bed early. The next day - a heavy fever & chills. I took the day off by working from home. Oh, who am i kidding! I've already been working from home for almost a year! The day after that was just as bad. Took some baths, and slept a bunch. Ariel as kind enough to drop by some at-home tests in the evening.
The following morning (two days later) i was feeling much better, and took the test. It was positive. Strange, because i felt like the worst was already over? Yeah, it was. A light third day, and by day 4, i was completely back to normal. I was supposed to pickup the kids on Friday after school. I had waited the "recommended" days since the first symptom, and today was day 10. I took the test, and it was negative.

All in all, quite mild, considering the friggin' country was shut down for months, masking mandates everywhere, with the state of California leading in the stupidity. Very likely the highly transmissible "OMICRON" variant. An now i have "SUPER IMMUNITY" due to having been vaccinated, and gotten a "breakthrough" infection.

What a joke.

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