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Tuesday, April 20, 2021
Bye Bye Fry's
So after 36 years, my #1 favorite store Fry's Electronics is no more.

Chalk it up as another casualty of Corona Virus, and everyone buying their electronics online.
The kids loved going there, and even they are heartbroken.

I've mentioned this store plenty of times in the past, as it's been such a CRUCIAL part of me being who i am today: an electrical engineer with TONS of computer knowledge!

The last time i did a major PC upgrade , i purchased parts from that store.
First it was CompUSA . And now this.

Here's their notice from their (no doubt soon defunct) website:
Goodbye, dear Fry's. And thank you for everything.

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BizarroMarkZ  posted on  Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Frys was a great store and we will rue the day we gave all the power to these online stores, especially that time where you need something NOW and not in 2 days. PS The links in your article don’t work.

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