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Tuesday, April 13, 2021
Sick on Easter
Maggie was back at school for a whole two weeks, and predictably, got sick. Having pretty much zero exposure to germs for over a year will do that do you. And then she graciously gives it to me. The day before we're supposed to get together with the cousins, for Easter!
Can you believe it? LAME. So instead of being all excited and energetic on Saturday with the girl cousins, I'm foggy, and laying in bed half the day. I end up rallying, but it was still crappy. And then choosing to go to a THREE HOUR EASTER VIGIL that night wasn't a super bright idea either.
But with all sorts of new games i planned out, the kids still had a FANTASTIC time!

I just felt lousy & congested, with lots of snot. Finally felt better by Wednesday, so only 4 days down & out.
Must have been the Corona!!

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Bomb  posted on  Thursday, July 8, 2021

Sorry you were ill, but happy to see m and a and Eva and the girls.

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