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Tuesday, February 18, 2020
My baby & I
So my lovely, beautiful-hearted daughter is now in 3rd grade. She's in a new school as well because the schools in LA are so small, they can only handle so many students. Her current school is from 3rd through 5th grade. And in this new school each year they host a Father-Daughter dance.

How excited am I?! SO EXCITED!!!

A father lives for the slim window of his life when his daughter is old enough to dance, yet young enough where she wants to dance with nobody but HIM!
That window is literally from 3rd grade through 5th grade. After that, fathers tend to be an "embarrassment" for their daughters, through no fault of their own, of course I know it's coming. And although i know it will make me sad, i will go out kicking-and-screaming, letting my lovely little lady know that i love her with each and every terrible dance step that i take.

And so the first ever Maggie May and daddy dance took place just this last week. I dressed to the nines, and so did she.

A lovely night was had by all, and lots of Hi-Cs were drunk and plenty of cookies were eaten.

Oh, and did we kill it on the dance floor?


Gosh, i can't WAIT for next year!!

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