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Saturday, February 15, 2020
Sideswiped, but a quick recovery
This past Tuesday (2/11/20) was a lovely day. Work was fine, left early to grab Alexander from school, went grocery shopping, picked up Mags and then went back to the apartment. Chilled there for a bit before going to swim practice, where i swam my usual mile. I had a lovely swim, and then made my special bananas & sausages at home for dinner. The kids really wanted to try out my new game Taverns of Tiefenthal, so we opened that one up. About an hour into the game, i started to feel it.

Seriously, out of no where. My throat started feeling sore and i felt a bit of pressure in my head. Oh no! Not another cold! I had such a good streak going. I haven't been sick for like half a year!

So Wednesday i was struggling through work, with it getting worse and worse, and by the end of a long 11 hour day, i could barely keep my eyes open due to the sinus aches.

Woke up this morning (Thursday) and had a full blown cold. Taking the day off. Taking lots of fluids, decongestant, and vitamins. Its feeling pretty good right now. Hopefully i caught this one before it got too bad. Honestly, though, i haven't been getting very good sleep lately, and drinking a *bit* too much. So i could have been taking care of myself better. It's also been pretty cold, and I've woken up plenty of nights lately freezing.

You've got to do a better job, Mister.

Saturday morning, 8:45am. I took yesterday easy; thank goodness it was my RDO. I really wanted to go to the gym, but instead i just rested. Good call. I woke up this morning feeling pretty good. NyQuil and 8+ hours sleep does wonders. I still feel a bit foggy, and you can hear by my voice that i was sick, but other than that i'm good to go. Only 2 full days down on this one. No Green snot! Still "counts" as sick, but I definitely beat this one!!

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