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Tuesday, October 1, 2019
The past and Awesomeness
My minions love water, and have been on the swim team for a number of years. And the longer they swim, the more important their times become to them, as they are a litmus of their perfromance and improvement.

They regularly ask me how fast I was when I was in high school. My response is always "fast." But that's simply not good enough. They want hard numbers!

So I did some digging.

And I found all of the swimming records kept by my high school since their inception in 1987. Turns out i was quite fast indeed, as i still hold the oldest JV swimming record for my school, by over 10 years!!

Here are the rest of the records as of 2019:
SMHS High School Swimming Records 2019

Yea, i was pretty awesome. :)

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