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Friday, October 4, 2019
Bye Bye Office
I've been working at Aerospace for 16 years. A few years ago, we got a new CEO.
The good thing is that the CEO recognizes that the group i work in (now know as xLabs) is simply top notch and should be absolutely recognized and celebrated.
The bad news is that his way of doing this is to completely and literally demolish half of our building and make it into a giant "open space" akin to your silicon valley startups.
Unfortunately, that doesn't work well for engineers. Also, despite almost universal push-back, we don't have a say in any of it. And we have all spent the last month emptying out our offices and packing up decades of history and accomplishment.

So here's my goodbye to my office, where this wall of memories i've been collecting for almost 10 years, was taken down last week.

Hey, at least i still have a job!

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