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Sunday, July 28, 2019
Oh what a week!
So this past week was Alexander's very first time at summer camp. He was so excited about it, and a little bit apprehensive as this was also the first time that he would be away from home or from his parents for an ENTIRE week. How exciting!

But there's more! The camp that he would be attending, was the exact same camp that I had attended almost 30 years ago! Saint Michael's summer camp, were all boys have fun. I have nothing but amazing and fond memories of this Camp, year after year, and I could not wait for Alexander to share in those memories as well.

Of course, little Maggie wanted to attend as well. Alas, as I've told her over and over and over, she is, in fact, not a boy. Regardless, I had planned for Miss Maggie May to attend an all-inclusive gymnastics day camp during this week, an activity which she loves most of all.

So big hugs and near-tears were shed, as Maggie and her cousins wished Alexander a farewell for his week away.

At first, Maggie was quite said that Alexander was not with her, as she has been his sidekick for the last eight years STRAIGHT. However, after a day, she was already chomping at the bit to live life to the fullest!

Over the next week, she and I had so much awesome quality one-on-one daddy-daughter time doing fantastic activities. We watched a few movies, read books, cooked lots meals together, played numerous board games, and we even built sand castles on the beach!

All of this combined with a pretty hectic day at work led to this week flying by so freaking fast.

The next thing I knew, we are picking up Alexander from camp on Saturday. Maggie was so excited to see her brother, and the two were reunited at the hip once again.

What a lovely opportunity for growth for both of the children!

May all of their Summers being as fulfilling and exciting in the summer of 2019.

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