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Sunday, March 10, 2019
Fun With Numbers, the sequel
Three years ago i posted an entry on my 2008 Honda Pilot. The post covered the "real life" performance of the vehicle after 2 years of LA driving.

Well, It's time for an update!

It's now been five years since i purchased the car, and it has served me quite well. I am very pleased with it's performance, and i wouldn't hesitate to buy this car again.

Here's an update on the prices. The left axis is the price per gallon i paid at the pump during fill-up, graphed V.S. Crude Oil futures on the right axis.

While the first two years were wild with swings, things have rather calmed down, with not much excitement over the last three years. GOOD! That's how it should be. Consumers should be able to know that gas prices will be relatively consistent from month-to-month so they can budget appropriately.

The second graph shows the Miles per Gallon that my 2008 Honda Pilot attains. From my experience, the "official" MPG numbers posted on cars always too high and not practical. I don't know where they come up with those, but in this graph i track actual mileage of my car. The "LIST" MPG for my car is 16 City, 22 Highway.

Average miles per gallon for 2008 Honda Pilot (five full years): 16.40 MPG

With a majority of those miles being on the 405 freeway, cruising in the carpool lane, i would have expected at minimum 19 MPG. Another FAIL for the auto efficiency ratings industry.
Here are some other updated miscellaneous numbers pulled from the data set.

Miles Driven per year: 11,324
This is a daily commute of 4 miles round trip to work, with about every other weekend spent driving to OC with the kids at 100 miles round trip. The Federal Highway Administration lists average annual miles driven for males age 35-55 at 18,858, With an overall annual mileage in California of 13,500. So i'm below average, which is great.

And the final, most important number.
Annual Cost for Gasoline (in Los Angeles): $2,156.

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