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Friday, December 1, 2017
Champ times TWO!
He did it again!!
This is the second year in a ROW that Alexander's AYSO soccer team has made it to the Region 21 Championships!!

The purple machines lost only two games the entire season, placing them in a solid 3rd place.. Alexander mostly played defense, but he did actually score one goal in the final game! Amazing!!

A big shout out to his coach Jose Tobar who has really helped him up his game. Alexander has gotten SO MUCH BETTER just in this last year it's mind blowing, and i'm super proud of him. He excels at stopping the ball, kicking it up-field while keeping it in-bounds, and the ever important throw-ins. He loves playing soccer, and i'm happy to foster that excitement and energy.

And since no one on his team this year is from last year (AYSO rules), he's the only one to make it twice in a row. Clearly HE is the common winning factor!

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Bomb  posted on  Saturday, April 14, 2018

This is so late...but isn’t he amazing. He has improved so much over last year. I love to see him play. Not only is he good but he is a great team player too. And, he obviously loves to play !

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