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Saturday, April 1, 2017
Maggie May's FIRST swimmeet!
Oh, it's been a long road to get here.

There was a tremendous amount of kicking and screaming. She did NOT want to do it, not even one bit, fighting me at every step of the way. Making it near impossible to make this happen, and refusing to help out even in the simplest of ways.

Of course i'm talking about my EX.
As for Maggie, wild horses couldn't drag her away from the pool! She loved the water, and seeing her big brother on the team, wanted it SOOO much.
And so i made it happen.
It took SO much effort. Leaving work early to take her to private 15 minutes lessons. Pulling out all possible stops, including re-arranging summer vacations, so that she could take summer lessons at the local pool. Stokes courses and failed tryouts. Paying for everything (of course). And even lassoing a swim coach to bend the rules and allow private one-on-one lessons after her swimming classes were over.

And it worked.
It was all worth it to get to this point. Maggie was officially invited to join the swim team at the beginning of this year, one of the youngest in the group, and a month later was swimming her first swim meet.

Here is the little darling enjoying every minute of it!

Her First Race:

How excited is she??

Yea. Totally worth it.

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