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Monday, October 10, 2016
His First Derby!
St. Killian's Church was having their local Oktoberfest, just like last year . But this time, they planned on having an official Pinewood Derby race! Before i was finished even explaining what it was, Alexander was IN.

It was important to remind him that he was going to do most of the work. I would only handle the things that he wasn't too adept at, such as measuring, painting and sanding. He readily agreed. So we bought a kit and now it was time to come up with an idea. On the car ride home, I handed Alexander the piece of wood, and said that we could make whatever car he could dream up, WITH the exception that it had to be in more-or-less the shape of the wood block.

At first his mind raced to Star Wars. He though about an X-wing. A B-wing. I told him those wouldn't work with the shape. I said this was HIS car, and we could do pretty much anything, even a.... Banana if he wanted. So he sat quiet and thought deeply. About two minutes later he shouts out "HOT DOG! I wanna make a hot dog!"

And so we did.

The maximum weight was exactly 5 oz. We NAILED it!

The Competition. Lot's of creativity here!

And the result? Well, unfortunately we didn't do a very good job with the wheels. The problem being that the base of the dog was curved, so without using longer nail axles (which was not allowed) they didn't want to stay put. So when going down the track, the dog had a tendency to veer very much to the left, and bounced back & forth between the lane walls like it was inside of a pachinko machine.

Out of our 3 races of 3 cars each, we came in 2nd every time. So we didn't get a placement trophy. But.....

we did get a design trophy for "Best Non-Car Car!" Huzzah!

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