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Wednesday, April 20, 2016
And the winner is....
This story will put a smile on your face!

So the British government is building a new polar research vessel. And they held an internet contest to name the boat. And the internet being both a terrible and wonderful place, people voted in droves.

The winner? A very appropriate "Boaty McBoatface" was chosen by a very large margin.

I honestly could not stop laughing for a solid three minutes when i read this article.
I SO hope they follow through with this!!
Here's the article.

UPDATE (3/28/2017):
It appears that the National Oceanography Centre did indeed snub the democratic will of the internet, and instead opted to name the to-be-built vessel R.R.S. Sir David Attenborough.
But don't fret! They also apparently have a sense of humor, and a some good business acumen to boot. They've not only gone and named one of their unmanned submersibles Boaty McBoatface, but have also launched a kids' outreach program regarding underwater exploration!
Good show, mates. Good Show!

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