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Sunday, August 9, 2015
FIGS & the future
Yesterday afternoon i drove the minions down to Orange County after Alexander's Summer Finals swim meet. On the way there, two girls were selling lemonade on the side of the road up near the house. I stopped and bought three cups of lemonade for us. Each one was 50 cents. The lemonade was fresh and delicious. This got Alexander thinking. "What can i sell to make some money?" he asks me. I tell him to use his imagination and i'm sure he'll think of something.

I park the car in the driveway, and start unpacking while the kids run inside. Our neighbor Dennis comes over to me and we start talking about his trip to the British Isles, and i tell him that i'm going to Poland shortly for two weeks. After the conversation, Alexander runs out with figs and brings them over to Dennis. "Figs! Twenty-five cents!" He yells. Dennis gives him a dollar and Alexander gives him all four of his figs. Now imagine my surprise at this, as i thought the fig tree wasn't producing any figs this year, as it was behind many months. He grabs my arm, and quickly leads me into the back yard. What a sight to behold! The fig tree is COMPLETELY FULL of figs. There are so many that there are even a few dozen over-ripe figs on the ground that have fallen by themselves. Maggie, Alexander and i spend the next half an hour climbing all over the tree, picking figs. We easily picked well over fifty. After we were sure there were no more ripe Figs left in the tree, we went back into the kitchen to segregate them. We picked the best 18 to go into the large egg tray, the most ripe ones (and the juicy, squishy ones) would be eaten immediately, and the rest would be saved for later or given to friends.

Alexander and Maggie then took the tray full and ran outside. I watched them go from house to house, loudly announcing "Figs for sale! Twenty five cents!" About 10 minutes later they came back with three dollars, 5 quarters, and one fig left, which of course i immediately ate. They split the money down the middle, and gleefully stashed their gains into their piggy banks. I asked Alexander how it felt. He said it was awesome! I asked him, doesn't he feel great that he worked and earned money instead of someone just giving it to him? He adamantly agreed.

These two little unabashedly outgoing entrepreneurs have a wonderful future ahead of them. To Figs!

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