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Saturday, July 4, 2015
A day to remember!
Oh ye 'old Independence Day! How shall i celebrate thee?
This year i had the wee ones ALL to my self. I planned an exciting, amazing, and hella-packed day for them to enjoy!

At 8am we headed out from Los Angeles and went straight to the city of Lake Forest in Orange County. Here they had a nice warm pancake breakfast waiting for us, followed by a pretty awesome parade at 10.

Their favorite part about the parade? The candy, balloons, and Frisbees handed out, of course! The parade lasted about an hour and a half, and then we went to the grandparents for lunch at noon. There was some monkeying around a bit, and then then off to the lake for us! No, there would be no napping today, for Maggie May, not on Independence Day!

The lake was PACKED with lake-goers, as one could imagine, but with grandma's help, we all had a wonderful time. Swimming? Check. Castle building? Check.

Following the lake, we went to the festival just outside the lake. The street was closed down, and dozens of booths were set up, along with games and treats for the kiddo's. A number of inflatables were set up so they got their share of jumping in for the day.

After a quick stop off at the home base to change, we hopped on over to a friend's BBQ to say hello. Ping-pong and climbing poles was on the menu here.
And since there's only so much time in the day, we came back to the ranch just in time for a wonderful BBQ dinner with the grandparents. Lots of yummy meats!

As the sun was setting, we went upstairs to the newly updated double-sized balcony to get a glimpse of the outstanding yearly Mission Viejo fireworks show. The fireworks were grand, but the finale, not so much.
Soon, quietness and darkness descended on the land....

And that's when the minions remembered daddy's present to them! The quickly shuffled out the door, carting their stash of explodable treasures to the curb.

All together we lit off quite a few fireworks, and the kids loved being a part of it, with Maggie getting in a few throws as well.
After this long, looooooong day, it was time to call it quits. The little ones were pajama'd up and snuggling their favorite bed-time pals a few minutes shy of 11pm.

What a day to remember!

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