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Sunday, May 3, 2015
I can't believe it! My boy is seven. Seven!!!! It is crazy how times flies! A mere eight years ago, i was living in Hermosa Beach, having the time of my life. And now i've got an amazing, intelligent little man, growing learning, maturing, all under my watchful eyes.
So for his Big number Seven, i organized a special trip to Medieval Times with two of his cousins. We sat in row 12, and cheered on the mighty blue knight.

Despite his most valiant efforts, he was challenged by the black and white knight immediately after besting the red and yellow knight. Unfair!
The blue night was shortly eliminated from combat, with the black and white knight going on to win the whole tournament.
None the less, Alexander had an amazing time, and ate SO MUCH food. Between his sister and him, we had a good two adult portions left over, as each person (child and adult) was given half of a chicken!! Craziness.
A quad-cousin combat ensued with his cousins in the parking lot afterwards.

The next morning, he was treated to grandpa's famous scrambled eggs, followed by some more awesome gifts.

Aside from the yummy cake, he managed to score a Star Wars Lego starfighter, and (impeccably planned of course) the Lego Medieval Joust Tournament set.

Happy birthday, and happy building, my young squire!

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Bomb  posted on  Tuesday, May 5, 2015

sounds like a fantastic party for all...especially bitrthday boy!

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