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Tuesday, April 26, 2005
pasty past
I just got back from New York. I was out at my fraternity's Alumni weekend. I have not attended one of these functions even once since i graduated four years ago. And BOY was it great !! I haven't seen some of the bro's from my house in years. Btw, my fraternity is Pi Lambda Phi. The house is doing just fine. The guys there all seem swell, and the freshmen hold a lot of promise. This was an incredibly emotional trip for me. Bros Monahan and Messier are engaged - congrats! Thompson's and Prezano's wives' are both pregnant for the first time and will be popin' soon. Libby's is on number two. I got to see little Hanna for the first time (yes, she's already three!).
Overall, it was really, really great to see the boyz. Met a TON of new guys from the house, and got my beer pong game on. Played (did i say played???) a little bit of hockey, visited the ol' Ruck, and pretty much stayed up all night, every night. I believe my voice has permanently dropped one octave from drinking so much.
I will post pictures as soon as i get them. Once again, bros, thanks for a BLAST.
And a big phat shout out to Dan for not only putting up with me, putting me up and driving me everywhere, but cooking me breakfast every morning too!

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