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Wednesday, January 14, 2015
Kids and foreign policy
So i have a son, who is 6 years old. Like pretty much all boys his age, he likes wresting, playing cops'n'robbers, shooting things, being a ninja, and so on and so forth. He built this LEGO base the other day, and was playing with it. He randomly blurted out that he wished that he could stop war and bad people by dropping "hundreds and hundreds" of piece of paper everywhere that said "please Don't fight." I thought for a moment, and engaged him in a few test scenarios to see what the best approach would be to protect his base from evil agents.

He was the base owner, with a White Ninja and i was a bad guy, a snake or something. I announce here i am in all my evil snake-like glory, and i'm going to attack your base! Is there anything you want to tell me? He says "yes, please don't attack me." I pause for a brief moment, and then my LEGO figure lunges forth and chops of the White ninja's head.

Well, that wasn't very effective. What else could we do? I ask.
He said i'm going to put up a sign that says don't attack my base. He then goes and writes a note, and attaches the sticky to the front of the base that says "plese no atak."
My snake goes up to the note, reads it, and then proceeds to pass right by it, lifts up his blaster, and shoots the white ninja dead.

Well that didn't work either. What else could you possibly do to keep me from attacking? I ask again.
He thinks for a minute, then goes into the LEGO box. A minute later, he arrives with the solution, and attaches it to the top of his base.

It's a massive cannon.

I announce that i'm going to attack again. As i move towards the base, a giant cannonball in the form of a 6-year-old fist comes flying out and crushes the snake.
Done. End of attack.

So now i ask Alexander what exactly he thought about what happened? His response was priceless. He tells me to keep the bad guys out you need to be protected, and have a big gun. That way, they won't attack. Or if they do, they'll get smothered. They know this, so they won't attack.

I sit quietly for a second in awe and marvel that a child age 6 has more common sense than half the idiots in Washington DC. You can expand this concept out to the US as a whole, justifying the need for a strong military and a functional and capable nuclear arsenal to act as a deterrent. Both valid and necessary roles of the Federal Government. Or you can even narrow the scope down to one single household. If you have a gun, and a burglar knows there is a good chance you have a gun, do you think he's going to risk his life for that flat-screen in your living-room or a pair of Nikes in you closet? Nooooo, i don't think so!

How is it that at age 6, it is such a simple concept to grasp, yet adult's brains simply seize up at the though of self defense? Simply mind boggling!

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Wallenrod  posted on  Friday, January 23, 2015

It's simple. The basic premise of liberal philosophy is that people are good and we should let them do whatever they want. The basic premise of conservative philosophy is that people are evil (as evidenced by the story of Garden of Eden and its consequences) and need some type of moral, ethical, etc. restraints.

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