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Wednesday, December 31, 2014
A Merry Munchkin Christmas
This year the kids and i had 6 crazy (and awesome!) days together the week before Christmas. And did we make the most of it! Tons of playing, adventures, and crafts to be had. Here's a sampling of the fun!

We started out the excitement by having a LEGO calendar for each kid. Man, this was their favorite thing to do each and every morning.

These two little elves were going to make sure that grandpa & grandma had all the help their two little hands could muster.

Just take a look at this beautiful Christmas Tree. This is probably one of the prettiest trees i've ever seen! And guess who decorated it?! Didn't they just do a fantastic job??

After making these neat holiday decorations, they were proudly displayed in front of the house.

The minions even lent a helping hand getting the lights put up outside the house.

And what better to brighten one's week than some fantastic face painting??

Somebody was good this year! Christmas morning, Alexander got his big blue Stitch from Santa!

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas from all the little Zakrzewski elves!

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