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Wednesday, December 17, 2014
Christmas Photo Shoot
Now that i'm in charge of my own destiny, i don't need to rely on, repeatedly request, nag, plead, or beg anyone else to actually take a tiny bit of effort and send out Christmas cards. I understand, though. It's not like you can see Christmas coming. You know, not like it's on the same day every friggin' year.
So i took matters into my own hands, got the kids outfits, arranged a professional photo shoot, took them to said photo shoot, designed the cards, got them printed, picked them up, addressed them, and mailed them out. All by my self. And i didn't burst a spleen doing it. Amazing.

How did they turn out? Absolutely fantastic, of course. I would settle for nothing less. As a matter of fact, if you are reading this very post, chances are that a card is coming your way imminently!

But being a parent, when you have over 100 photos to chose from, it can be INCREDIBLY difficult to chose the best pictures for the card. So there is always a group of finalists. These runners up are fantastic photos, but since i was limited to only three, i had to make the tough choices. This doesn't mean the world can't see the others!

So for your enjoyment and OGLING pleasure, i present the pictures that should have made it on my Christmas card, but didn't. A big shout out to Cooper Jordan who photographed and then expeditiously turned around and delivered these fantastic photos. He is highly recommended. If you live in Los Angeles and are interested in his services, hit me up at my e-mail at the bottom of this site and i will gladly provide you his contact info.


As for the pictures that DID make it onto the Christmas Card.... well. You'll just have to check your mailbox to find out!

Merry Christmas from the minions!

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