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Friday, September 12, 2014
anther kids update!
It's been, again, far too long since my last Kid update. Too long only because time spent with them is so SHORT, and so swift. Maggie May is now three. That is over 1000 days on this planet!! That's quite a lot. And she is making quite the best of it!

She's not the greatest in the communications department, and i'm sure that has a lot to do with the fact that she is learning TWO languages at once. But what she DOES have a good grasp of is her physical presence and strength. She pushes herself to the LIMIT with all physical activates. She has no fear, no worry of getting hurt. She can hang from rafters for over 10 seconds! Her mind is so sharp that she focuses on something that she WANTS, and then goes for it. ALL OUT. In 20 years, she will be a force to be reckoned with. Godspeed, my youngling!

She loves to swim. She loves to be completely submerged in the most bountiful and necessary elements on the planet: Water. Her favorite thing to do is just to dunk her head under water and just blow bubbles. I wonder what she's thinking under there. I wonder if she sees something that no one else does. Perhaps a moment of peace. Or adventure. No one will ever know, except for her. And she loves it.

Her face. Her beautiful face. I may be biased. But this has got to be one of the most beautiful female creatures that has ever graced this earth. I know it. Others know it. It's my job it make sure that she ... doesn't know it. That she is humble and does not see herself as superior in any way. The gift of beauty comes from God alone, and i will make sure that her INNER beauty is what comes first.

And she still loves her dresses. If she ever finds herself in a time period without nothing to wear, she immediately beelines for the nearest dress.... Ariel. Aurora. Cinderella. It doesn't matter. Get this girl something with ruffles dress, STAT!

- To run. This girl can sprint. It's actually challenging keeping up with her!
- Talk. Who doesn't? But this girl just goes on and on, telling stories like it's her job. Good for her!
- Little bags and purses. Anywhere she goes, she likes to take memorabilia, and put it in a special bag. Or purse (she carries two). Or sock. Yes, a sock. She's even been caught red-handed stealing from a store! I'll have to keep my eye on this one...
- Back rides. Her favorite!
- Butter. Yes. Sticking her hands in sticks of butter. The soft, warm, squishy stuff, left on the counter. And after covering everything is sight, she eats it.
- Doing what her brother does. Every time. Without fail. Alexander took his pants off because he's hot? Me too!
- Exclaiming "WHAT!" every time she sees or hears something unexpected. Which is quite often. She got this from her momma. It's totally adorable.

- Going to Bed. I know, i know, no kid does. But you don't understand. She will not sleep. Not with a goat, and not with a sheep. She wants to LIVE! Everything this little devil couldn't fit in her day, she will get done at night. Reading. Complaining that there's a monster in her room. Playing. Removing the knobs off the drawers. Going potty. Again. Playing My Little Pony. Yelling out that she's thirsty and needs water, all the while holding a half-full sippy cup behind her back. Singing. The other night, just after i was about to go in her room for the 15th time, she started to sing "Let it Go." Now, honestly, how can you just not love this little mischievous being to pieces!?
- Books. Yea, i wasn't sure which category to put this one in. She loves reading them. And then she devours them. Like a Black Widow. She tears them to shreds. New beautiful books. She nibbles and bites them to hell. That's if she doesn't chew the corners off first. Maybe she got that from her momma too.

Now i realize that i've only been doing Maggie May updates, and that Alexander has been getting the short end of the blog stick for quote some time. You know how it is. The newest toy gets all the attention. But is it fair? Not really. Alexander is a gem in his own might. That little rascal should have his own blog, ACTUALLY.

Why?? Well, for one, he's spider kid. Kind of like spider man, but just a shortened version of him. he loves to jump, and climb. And climb and jump. He's a natural born gymnast!

And when he's not running up poles, or running circles around his parents, he's running straight for ... the nearest LEGO set. Yes. He loves the challenge of building the sets, just like his old man. And he loves challenges, in general. Treasure hunts. Puzzles. Hide and seek. Chess. Anything that stimulates his mind, he just SOAKS it up! "Input! Need INPUT!"

- Wallets. I gave him my old wallet, and he refuses to go anywhere without it. He's got a bunch of gift-cards in there, and even a toy credit card. He always offers to pay whenever we are out somewhere. It's SO adorable. I gave him a dollar to put in there the other day, and the first place we went, he wanted to spend it immediately!
- LEGO. But of course!
- Chess. It's his favorite to play with Dziadzio. Unfortunately, he regularly wins.

- Wearing a shirt. Seriously. It's tough to get a photo of the guy with his clothes on. I fear that perhaps... he's sexy and he knows it!
- Not getting his way. He's throwing temper tantrums more frequently, and over stupid stuff, like who gets in the car first, and which chair to sit in at dinner time. I hope i can show him a better way...

Now these two are a force to be reckoned with when they're apart. But together?! Oh YES. Together.

So, there is a lot of internet info out there about siblings getting along, fighting, etc. I don't really need to worry about these two. Alexander and his sister, despite their three year difference get along amazingly well. Whether it's swimming, climbing, or swinging, these two are bonded for life.
Despite it all, i constantly remind Alexander that there are rules in the house. And no matter what, rule #1 supersedes all other rules on the planet:

Be kind and respectful to your sister.

This is not only critical in their development as siblings, but his understating of future relationships with females.
This rule comes even before "listening to dad" or :"doing what you're told." Because long after i'm gone from this blue sphere, i want him to remember that there is one true, lasting loyalty in this world. And that is to his only sister. I wanted to have at least 3 children so that he could expand his bonds, but unfortunately, that didn't come to fruition. So he's got his sister, and only his sister.
Till death do yous part, my little ones. God speed!

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Bomb  posted on  Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Love the updates and observations. We miss them Soooo much. We love their vivid imaginations and creative play.

Atinderpal  posted on  Thursday, November 26, 2015

"All of old. Nothing else ever. Ever tried. Ever failed. No matetr. Try again. Fail again. Fail better." Samuel Beckett

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