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Friday, January 10, 2014
Maggie May update IV
As always, these updates are LOOOOng overdue.
And this one's gonna be a LONG one....!
It's high time to let you know about our high times here in the Greater Los Angeles area. As the days pass, our little baby Maggie May grows. Up? Not so much. She grows... stronger. Bolder. For sure more loquacious. And definitely more ... alive.
She wants to see everything. Touch EVERYTHING. At 2 and a half, this little girl has put the "Q" into curious.
She is aware of her surroundings enough to figure out context. It's morning. And daddy is getting dressed? Well then, "bye be, go to wok!" she says. She's spot on in her mirroring, even so much as grabbing a purse and making for the door like her life depends on it!

Here are her current likes and dislikes:


Juice. JUICE! She (still) loves it. Milk? Not so much. Water? meh. But Juice. You've never seen a little girl light up for less!

Snacks! But of course. Finger foods. Little tasty morsels. Who wants to sit down and buck up for a full fledged meal when you can have all of your favorites on the go? 5 minutes before dinner, and all i hear is "snacks!"

I always wondered where girls get their penchant for clothing. Is it from their mother? Magazines & pop culture? Perhaps it's the ever-present big-bad corporation pushing these things onto innocent people?. Nope. It's in their blood. Their Genes. I can't for the life of me figure out quite where she got it from. But ever since she first laid eyes on a Cinderella dress, she was never the same. Dresses. Gowns. Tu-Tus. You name it. If it's fluffy and wearable, she WANTS IN.

And that leads me to my next point. She's never satisfied with the last dress she put on. In the back of her mind, she's thinking... "I like this OTHER dress!" Yea, it's that simple. And the result? ENDLESS costume changes. No joke. Christmas day at my sisters, she pulled wardrobe changes no less than SIX TIMES. It's super cute, for sure. But let's be real here. A bit annoying, too, eh? God bless my little princess!

Minnie Mouse. It's just GOT to be related to the above. I mean, come on. It's a mouse. In a pink dress. With a bow and an attitude. What's not to love??

Saying yes. I know it sounds weird. But every time you ask her something and the answer is in the affirmative, she responds with an unequivocal, non-hesitant YES! Awesome.

Piggy back rides. Why walk when you can hop a ride on papa's back??

As mentioned before, Maggie is in the midst of learning the in-n-outs of potty training. STILL. It's getting a bit long in the tooth, actually. But the clever little shill has learned how to game the system. In the morning, i ask her if she needs to go to the bathroom. She adamantly claims she already did, and demands payment (in the form of lollypops). I tell her no, no silly, you have to do it in front of me so i see it!

So i know i've covered this before. But let's do it again. shoes. SHOES. OMG. Shoes? Yes. And specifically her Cinderella shoes. These clog-mimicking pieces of work are about as loud a shoe as you can give to a toddler. When she can't find them, she spends a good 30 minutes obsessing about their location. "Wer ma cin-rella shous?" Over and over. Let me tell you something. There's only one thing worse than knowing where they are and keeping that information from the little love of your life: giving in. Between the clip-pity clop reverberating from wall to wall for the next two hours, to the fact that every single time she gets close to you, she steps with the heel SQUARELY onto your little toe, it's essentially choosing the worst of two weevils.

Yup. They're cute. They're slimy. And they're .... delicious. I knew Sarah had a bit of French in her blood, but this is a tad ridiculous. Maggie runs outside, straight for the plants. I know what's coming. I sprint after. I spot her, foraging within the water loving leaves. She sees me. It's too late. She's plucked a choice, juicy snail out of the foliage. Grasping it between her little tiny little thumb and forefinger, she holds up her prize for daddy to see. I freeze. She stops. I very slowly and quietly tell her to "put the snail down." Our gazes lock. My mind is racing. Don't BLINK! i tell myself, lest you frighten the beast. It's too late. Effortlessly, looking deep into my eyes, with tongue extended, she licks from the bottom of the snail all the way to the top, in slow motion Olympic style. A prolonged, juicy lick, the likes that have never been seen before.
I recoil in horror. She grins from ear to ear. DELICIOUS. This is my Maggie May.

This little girl is born to perform. She loves to sing. She loves to dance. The spotlight must ALWAYS be on her, and she'll sing and dance until she falls down.

Band-aids. If she bumps her anything on ... anything, it's Band-aid time. No bruise? No mark? No PROBLEM! She just wants a little pink band-aid with princesses on her location of discomfort, STAT. And, by the way, you'd better get on that ASAP, or she'll ask for two!

Boxes. Yup. Still loves 'em.

Parks & Jungle-Gyms. This girl's a climber. When she's 2 and she REFUSES to play in the "5 & under" play area at the park, and opts to attack the "5 & over" like it's her JOB, yea, it might be time to enroll this little ninja in some serious gymnastics programs.


Being told what to wear. Uh uh. No way, Jose. 75% of the battles i have with my little monster relate to clothing. Shoes. Dresses. I don't want to wear this. I DEMAND to wear that. It's January, and i want to run naked outside! You get the drill...

It's feeding time. And Maggie will NOT sit still. She won't sit in her seat. She is determined to be free enough to dance in the middle of lunch if the mood strikes. Being tied down for a meal? Fat chance.

So to summarize,
This girl is simply AMAZING. When i was originally thinking of kids, i thought i only wanted boys. Come on, now. They're easy. They have the same likes as you. It's a win-win. But little miss muffet here has totally turned my world up-side-down.
She's bold. She's daring. She's rebellious, and yet, she's loving.
Just today, as soon as she woke up from her nap, she curled up into my lap and let me run my fingers through her hair, whispering sweet nothings into her ear, for a good 30 minutes. Stopping, of course, would be immediately met with a scornful look and a kung-fu grip to return my arm to her head massaging will.
She's got a crazy-strong willful spirit, yet the love that's returned from this beast is worth every costume change fight and every plate full of dinner on the floor.
When you have a child such as Maggie May, one of two things will eventually break. Either you will lose your mind fighting with this beast of burden, or that beast will break down each and every one of your walls, making you into the softest teddy bears of a father that ever was.

And that is the true definition of LOVE.

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Bomb  posted on  Thursday, January 16, 2014

What an incredible entry Mark! What joy it is to read about Maggie and all of your insightful observations about her. The pix are fun too.. Keep the excellent writing coming. I AM SO GRATEFUL YOU ARE SHARING ALL OF THIS.

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