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Wednesday, January 1, 2014
Here we go again....
Oh, it's the New Year. I will put it straight that i'm simply less than enthused. This has been a tough year for me and the misses. We've had quite a few trials and tribulations, and are still on the rocks as to our future.
None the less, i woke up today feeling quite perky actually, and ready to make the most of my day off from work. I start with my standard DZIEN DOBRY! greeting to both of the kiddos (which includes a bit of up-side-down time for little miss May, and then proceed to unload the dishwasher.

My back seizes up, and i fall to the floor.
It's gone out again.

The last time this had happened to me was back SIX YEARS AGO. Here's the story. None the less, it most likely had to do with the fact that i pretty much spent FOUR DAYS crawling around underneath the house on my belly like a cadet at boot camp. Except instead of a drill instructor yelling at me that my life was in danger and those gunshots were live ammunition, it was my wife, screaming she needed to go on a lunch date, and where in tarnation was the hot water.

But where does this leave me now?
Well, after being completely useless all day, and hating every minute of my sloth-ness, it is just barely starting to feel better. I can actually walk un-assisted, and it's only been 12 hours!

But this is the NEW YEAR! And so lets look back at last year's resolutions ....

Well. This is embarrassing.
The pile of books is still there, although i'm proud to say there is at LEAST one or two less than there was before. And the living trust got started, and is mostly done, it's just not "official" yet, as i haven't actually printed it out and signed it.

So for this year, i will attempt to pick up the slack from last year, in addition to the following vague and immeasurable goals:

1) Exercise more
2) Be a happier person.

Considering i didn't really exercise AT ALL in 2013, this shouldn't be a hard bar to pass.
And the second one? Well, i guess only time will tell.

I wish all of my friends, family, and loved ones a very Happy 2014!

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Maggie  posted on  Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Wow... Even took a shot at me on your blog. Except like most things in our life, what you say happened, and what really happened, are not one in the same Mark.

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