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Thursday, September 26, 2013
Work Travel
Traveling for work is a mixed bag. It's grueling working 12+ hours over the night, and sleeping through the day, when you're on a standard schedule at home.
BUT. There are bright sides to this as well!
My current job occasionally requires me to travel to Berkeley to do Radiation testing at LBNL. We use a massive building-sized machine called a cyclotron to deliver high energy ion and protons. And sometimes (very rarely) this machine goes down. And when it does, it means a day (or more) off. And that is simply awesome, as i get paid, and i'm kind of on a mini vacation.

So this past week, the unthinkable happened: the machine suffered a power generator problem, and was offline for a period of time. I took the opportunity to explore the Emeryville mall, and decided to see a movie.
I scanned the listings.
There. Riddick
The third installment in a cult favorite featuring Vin Diesel as none other than a greatly misunderstood bad-ass mercenary. I splurged an extra $1.50 and chose the IMAX theater. I buy my soda and in the theater i go.

It's empty. TOTALLY empty. I had the entire thing to my self.

Guess where i'm sitting! :)
I got to laugh and cry, root for the hero and boo the villain in a loud, boisterous voice. And not a soul was disturbed. Brilliant.

That's what you get at a 2pm showing on a Wednesday.

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Bomb  posted on  Monday, October 28, 2013

Isn't that a delicious treat?

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