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Friday, June 7, 2013
My turtle Dove
oh, my girl.
my beautiful, little girl.
You most adorable, yet curiously tenacious little raptor.
You know i love you. I know i love you. But yet, you test the bounds of not only space and time, but discipline, patience, and restraint. How can a creature so peaceful at night, be like a tornado during the day?
This is one of those great mysteries that can only be solved in the afterlife.

For those of you un-acquainted, meet Maggie May. The dove from above. And yet, simultaneously, truly a thunder from below. World, prepare yourself. Here is another Maggie May update.

Running around and having Star Wars spaceship dogfights with her brother and papa.
Fruits & Vegetables. Really. Pretty much all of them. Berries, tomatoes, carrots, edimame, broccoli. This girl eats them all!
JEWS! Yes, i've told her she's Catholic. But she still runs around screaming "Jews! Jews!" She may have a sweet tooth. Or perhaps it might be something more sinister. Only time will tell...
Eating bath products. Seriously. Soaps. Shampoos. Conditioners. Is that a brand new unopened deodorant? Yummy!!
Dresses. Amazing. I always wondered how women can roam from store to store as adults buying any and all clothes that tickle their fancy. How does this happen? Is it a learned behavior? Well, my faithful readers. I am here to tell you it is NOT. It is in their ever-loving DNA. This little girl puts on a dress/skirt/swimsuit and she immediately and magically turns into the cutest thing you have ever seen. And she KNOWS it! Just look at her in this Disneyland princess dress. It IS magical!!

Keeping her pants on. Yes. She's two, and we can't keep her pants or diapers on for more than a few minutes. They just randomly come off. Anywhere she goes. OFF WITH HER CLOTHES! Break eye contact with this little rapscallion, and she's nude in two shakes of a baby's bum. Insanity. This does NOT bode well for the future...
Going to sleep. As you may have read in a previous post, a mere ONE week ago, this climber realized that she can escape her prison of slumber, and has made sure to let us know about it! Many, MANY times a night. Like a dozen, on average. With this new superpower of hers, she is FREE as a bird, and chose this time, of all times, to explore her room. Awesome.

Alright. Enough of the good and bad. How 'bout a little blurb about her progress?

Other Progress
She just turned two. Motor skills? HA! No problem. Her movement and climbing skills are second to NONE. This girl can climb a 10 foot ladder up into and back down out of an attic without batting an eye. She can climb an 8 foot tall chain-link fence whether it's in our back yard or at a park on a play date. Other parents run to us covered in sweat, screaming bloody murder jumping up and down like angry fleas, pointing at Mags when she's climbed on top of the roof of the baby play structure. Ha! That's nothing, i retort. You should see her in the big-kids playground!
Just take our kitchen as an example. First she learned to climb onto the chairs, and then the table. Response? Push the chairs in. Well, This muscle master started to move the chairs at will anywhere in the kitchen. OK. Response? Turn over said chairs. Not to be outdone, she learned to climb onto the bar stools. Response? Turn those over too. Ha! Goonies never say die. Next challenge? She learned to climb on the sidways chairs, and then onto the table/counter top. Response? We shoved all the chairs, on their sides, underneath the table. The final Coup-De-ta? She has mastered climbing up onto the counter using the DRAWER HANDLES only! Unbelievable. We have GOT to get this born assassin into gymnastics, ASAP!!!
Shrieking. I can't stand this. She shrieks. Not because she's upset, necessarily, but because she knows it gets our attention. To that extent, she's right. As the blood pouring from my ears due to the insanely high-pitched wavelengths coming from her mouth. Yes, She gets my attention. Bad Maggie. BAAAAADDDDD....

But i'm also happy to say that her non-annoying vocal ability is also greatly increasing day by day. She may not be understandable to outsiders, but in out house, all 3 of us can for the most part decode what this little dervish is saying. I'm making sure she repeats her requests in Polish to ensure that she realizes that there are multiple ways to say the same thing. Very important! She calls Alexander "Ann-an-da," which is heart-meltingly cute. She loves milk and regularly says "mo mik." So cute.

Snails. Her best friends. Every chance she gets, she immediately bolts towards the long leaf plants in our front yard. Why? Because they're full of snails. And Maggie loves snails. She loves to pick through the leaves. She likes to find the especially large ones. And then she befriends it. She runs around and shows everyone her snail. She licks the snail. Oh yes. LICKS. (i throw up in my mouth, just a little bit). It must be the French from her mother's side. And when she's done, she callously hurls the snail back into the greenery from whence it came. Future suitors - BEWARE.

So she's really, REALLY turning into a fully fledged person, albeit an insanely capable escape artist person.

I love her with every ounce of my person, and i look forward to the challenges that await us both as we grow together in this adventure called life. I mean just look at this TOTALLY POLISH face! How could you possibly say no?!

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Bomb  posted on  Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Thank you again! I love to read your perceptive posts about the children. They make me chuckle. I am in awe of their abilities and curiosities.

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