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Tuesday, May 21, 2013
Scandals engulfing the Obama administration
Things aren't looking up for Barak these days. How could they? A tsunami of scandals is rocking the White House from all sides. Every day, we find out more. More lies are uncovered, and more holes are being poked in the flimsy Carney-val of excuses flowing from this administration.

Scandal #1) IRS - The Internal Revenue Service Deliberately Targeted Conservative Groups Through Two Election Cycles

Scandal #2) Benghazi - The Obama Administration Overhauled the Benghazi Talking Points to Mask Failures and Misdirect the Public on the Terrorist Attacks

Scandal #3) AP - The Obama Justice Department Secretly Monitored Dozens of Journalists' Phone Records for Months

Scandal #4) HHS - Coercive "Donations" Drive Pressures Healthcare Companies to Finance the failing Obamacare Implementation

And where is the president in all of this? Sure, sure, he claims he found out about most of these things "from the news, like the rest of us." This answer is much more disturbing than reassuring. The President, the most powerful man in the country, the leader, has no idea what is going on? On SO many fronts? He is either completely incompetent and clueless about running this country, or flat out LYING. I'm not sure which is worse. If you steer your ship so callously and ignorantly, you're bound to run it into the ground. Or four.

As they say, the chickens ALWAYS come home to roost. And his are long overdue. t's time for this clueless moron to go.

A detailed summary of all of this can be found Here.

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Konrad  posted on  Saturday, May 25, 2013

I hope you realize that since you posted this blog, all your E-mails and phone calls are being carefully monitored and recorded by Eric Holder & Co.

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