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Wednesday, April 10, 2013
one more problem with immigration
So lately "immigration reform" is the new buzz word, as our wonderful loving leader has decided this is all of a sudden now important. Forget the economy, jobs, budgets, inflation due to currency manipulation by the Fed, etc. We'll just hop from one bad policy idea to the next. But i degress.
Immigration is all over the news presently as apparently there are currently no gruesome murders or military trysts to cover. So this choice article shows up on Yahoo's main page today:
Thousands rally across US immigration bill
And this article has chosen one and only one photo to illustrate their headline. And this one photo shows everything that is wrong with this whole debate.

Here you have an individual, most likely one of the "thousands rallying," holding an American flag along with a sign in spanish. I would gander to guess that this is extremely typical of the type of person who is "rallying." Someone who can't speak English. Demanding things (irrespective of what those things are), from an English speaking country run by an English speaking government. In spanish.

Yea... You wanna hold up a spanish sign buddy? Go south of the border. Last time i checked, that's the official language of pretty much all of those countries down there. NOT OURS.
This is the kind of shit you see, that really makes seriously doubt that all of these "hard working, honest folks" care what so ever care about our country, let alone or integrating into our society.

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