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Wednesday, January 23, 2013
Alexander is quickly approaching his 5th Brithday.


Ok, i think i'm calm now. Anyway, one good thing i'm finding out about his age is that he is entering the uncharted territory of PUNS. Yes, the short riddles that are usually humorous due to a play on words, and most often elicit a groan from adults.
But the lad is in good company! Anyone that knows me, knows that i'm a HUGE fan of jokes and puns and love saying them endlessly. So Alexander is now starting to say funny things, on purpose, and sometimes even follows them immediatley with a SpongeBob laugh "BAAAaaaaahhhhhhhh!"

So Alexander went to the zoo yesterday. I didn't go, but he was telling me about it.

Alexander: Daddy, did you know that when baby deer are babies, they have white spots all over them, but when they grow up and are big deer, they don't have the spots any more.

(I actually didn't know that!)
Me: Really. So you're saying they have dots when they're little, but lose then when they get older?

Alexander: yes. exactly.

Me: well. That's interesting. Where do they go?

Alexander: Oh, i don't know.

Me: But they're there, and then they're not. (trying to be funny)What happens to them? Do they fall off? Do the other deer eat them?

Alexander thinks for a moment, and then smiles.
Alexander: Nope. They just DEER-ssapear!

I may have just met my match.

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Bomb  posted on  Sunday, January 27, 2013

Isn't it about the most amazing thing in the universe--watching your child develop skills and talents? My friend who taught elementary school believes 5 year olds are the most miraculous of all ages. Thanks for documenting this experience with Alexander,Mark

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