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Monday, October 22, 2012
Life Lesson #9
Today Alexander learned a very important life lesson. The lesson was on cheating, and how cheaters never prosper. I couldn't possibly think up a better way for this to have happened, and i'm quite glad it did.
Every night or two, we've been playing war. You know, the classic card game where each of you get half a deck and you battle it out. Well someone gave him a "kids" version of this game that has soldiers and dragons and what not drawn on the cards, and it goes from numbers one through nine. I think it's a great game that's fun for a 4 1/2 year old, and gives him a good concept of numbers, and which ones are bigger than others. Well, the last bunch of times he's won, fair and square. It took a number of rounds, but eventually he battled me out and took all my cards.

But not today. Today was different. I was busy cleaning up the kitchen, and so i told Alexander to setup the game. A few minutes later, he excitedly announced that it was time to play.

And so the game was afoot! He easily swept the first few hands, and i was happy for him. After about eight cards into it, i became suspicious. And then when he won TWELVE straight battles, i knew exactly what had transpired.

The little devil had cheated.

I asked him how was it that he was winning all of the battles. He respond honestly by saying he had simply divided the cards into two piles, but made sure to take all of the high numbered cards (the dragon was his favorite - #9) for himself.
"A HA!" i exclaimed.
I proceeded to explain to him that what he did was not fair, and was cheating. I told him that that's not how you play. He didn't really seem to get it, so i simply kept playing to make my point.
After the 18th straight victory for him, he had all the cards, and i had none. We didn't even have one WAR. The game usually took us about 15 to 20 minutes to play, but this time it lasted about 3.
He looked at his pile, and i looked at him. At first, he had a gleam in his eye due to the fact that he had all the cards. But then it slowly sunk in. "Let's play again, daddy." I said nope, we only play one game a night.
And then it hit him, and he turned a frown. "But that was too short!" he exclaims. I reiterated to him that the reason the game was over was because he cheated, and even though he had won, it was a hollow victory.
He immediately realized this and said "tomorrow night when we play, i'll give you two eights AND two dragons! Then it would be fair."


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