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Thursday, August 16, 2012
Virgin, but definitely experienced.

A few days ago, I flew out to visit my east coast peeps that I haven't seen in quite some time. It was a non-stop Los Angeles to Boston flight on Virgin America. This is my first ever flight on Virgin, and must say that Iím quite impressed. I already knew that this was something special when I approached the check in counter. They had light techno music playing over the speakers. The lines were short, most likely due to their well thought out planning. The ticketing agents were all young, good looking ladies, not like the usual crab-apple old maids Iíve encountered on other airlines (ahem, Delta). Instead of a regular, boring white rectangular board pass, the ticketing machines printed out a snazzy half-sized ticket that was red! It makes me feel like Iíve won some sort of prize. It really is the little things.

The counters looked all fancy like, with some great use of industrial design. Most of the surfaces were white, patterned, and the lighting was nice light-neon-pink hue.

This same calming, modern feel continued inside of the plane, with additional light velvet lighting complementing the existing color palette. The seats were a nice faux black leather, which looks great with the white and stays easily clean & cool. It is SUCH an improvement over the usual dated, boring, beige paneling and nasty blue seats inside most airlinesí aircraft. The outfits for the stewardesses are quite nice as well. A vast improvement over the usual lame shirt-skirts on most other airlines. If definitely appears that Virgin promotes a very "fitĒ lifestyle for its stewardesses. A win-win for everybody!

As is slowly being implemented in many cross country planes nowadays, each seat has its own touch-screen in-seat display. On these mini-computers, you can watch satellite TV, movies, play games, listen to music, order food, and the like. Virgin also has a neat store that lets you choose one of 3 different color headsets. Included, of course, is a full selection of meal & snack offerings, along with a substantial beer, wine & spirits collection. You pay for any of these features/items on the spot with the swipe of a credit card and the stewardess brings them over. Almost instantly!

Immediately prior to takeoff, airlines are, apparently, required to go over the same old safety talk. I've been flying since I was four or five, and Iíve literaly flown dozens of times. So mostly, I tune out the spiel. Oh, but not on Virgin! They cleverly created an animated cartoon that humorously plays-out all the aspects of the PBA, from buckling your seatbelt to not smoking. It was clever and fun and I could easily see it capture the attention of youths as well.

So overall, the 5 hour flight to Boston literally "flew by." The commercials don't do it justice. Virgin is really an arm and a leg over the rest, making all the little improvements and enchantments that really make youth flight experience all that much better. I actually FEEL like I am more important on this plane! Although, letís face it, thereís only so much they can do. It's still a plane flying from A to B, burdened down by the demonstrably incompetent and inefficient TSA. This, along with the standard airport traffic and B.S. that makes flying in general a pain in the ass.

But next time I HAVE to fly, Iím going to check Virgin American first. Try them out! You might just love them too.

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Bomb  posted on  Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Stereotypes and sexism in 1 sentence....oh mark, mark!

Mark  posted on  Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Yes! I am proud to be a male, and ladies should be proud to be female. Each gender has unique traits that are designed by God for very unique tasks. If sexism means an equal, yet totally specific and different division of roles between the two genders, then i'm all for it!!!

But what does this have to do with the article??

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