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Thursday, June 28, 2012
dark days ahead
I feel like i've just been hit with a sledge hammer to the gut. The supreme court has, more or less, twistedly, upheld the behemoth of a debacle called Obama-Care.
Back in 2009, Obama himself vehemently denied that the health care law is a tax. He did this because he knew that the American people would never agree to such a massive taxing scheme. See transcript here .

Instead, the white house argued that they could mandate individuals to pay via the commerce clause. The supreme court was tasked with determining if in-fact this was allowed in the constitution.
And instead, they basically re-wrote Obama-Care saying that even though this was NOT allowed in the commerce clause, it was ok because Congress could impose new taxes as it sees fit.
Exactly the opposite of the arguments.
This ruling essentially says that whatever evil scheme congress comes up with for the American people, the supreme court will find a way for it to be legal.

This is the end of an era. Congress can now pass any bills, to any end, labeling them as absolutely NOT a tax, yet include massive taxing powers. Unbelievable.

This is absolutely devastating for our country and our future. By massively expanding the government, and adding additional ways that the government can control and penalize the individual, we are closing in on the precipice of slavery.
You are no longer a free citizen. The constitution does NOT matter. The federal government now has direct access to your checking and savings and retirement accounts. You will buy what they tell you to buy. And they will simply take more of your money when you don't.

Medicare is vastly expanded. And even minor medical procedures must be approved by a "health advisory panel." You may have heard them refereed to as "death panels," because that's what they actually are. They will decided who receives life saving operations and transplants, and who does not. Who lives and who dies.
You will behave how they want you to, because now, if you dare to oppose or speak out against the government, guess what? Perhaps your mother won't get that kidney transplant at the age of 66. The "panel" may find it not "cost effective."

Not to mention when you have a medical system that is struggling with overcapacity as is, and then all of a sudden you add 10+ million people to it, what do you think is going to happen? It will be cheaper? Right. Explain the logistics of that. It will be more accessible? Ha. Not a chance. Within the next few years, watch as previously efficient waiting rooms turn into the likes of the DMV. You've got a cold? Take a number. You've got massive bleeding in your leg? Oh no! Take a number. Calling to schedule a doctors appointment, you could get in to see him within a day. Now, expect a week at best.

The supreme court, which is supposed to be the last bastion to protect the individual FROM the government, has failed.

If this outrageous monstrosity is not repealed with a common sense solution come November, i have only one thing to say:

Welcome to socialism.

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Konrad  posted on  Sunday, July 1, 2012

No, it is more than socialism - it is anarchotyranny supported by the army of IRS agents now stronger by additional 17,000 agents to implement this "law".

Bomb  posted on  Thursday, July 19, 2012

Oh, Mark----"sledge hammer to the gut"----really!?

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