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Thursday, March 1, 2012
Here's looking at YOU
So everyone know those old tows, with the dust storms rolling on through. You walk down the street, and when you look side to side, you can't help but to feel that the whole town is looking at you.
This one is easy. The town IS looking at you. More specifically, it's the old ladies. On their rocking chairs.
Having nothing better to do, these neighborhood watchdogs make sure that you are on your best behavior, and that your dog does NOT poop on their lawn. These are the neighborhood watch ladies. And i always thought that that's just what some ladies become when they get too old to care to move too far from the front porch. But i have recently discovered the truth. This behavior happens much, MUCH earlier.

Case and point. I have no doubt that when little Maggie May is 85 years old, she will be one of those little old ladies, on the rocking chair, staring out at the world as it flies by like a F-15 on a combat mission.

Here's to keeping the neighborhood safe, little lady!

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Bomb  posted on  Monday, April 2, 2012

What cute kids! of course the parents.....and grandparents... Aren't too bad either!

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