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Wednesday, January 25, 2012
Peligroso! Poison!!
Since our garage has transformed into our new living space (ie, the MAN CAVE), there exist a few wayward items still living outside. One fine afternoon, Sarah ventured into the outdoor pile and attempted to do some light sorting.
What she got instead gave her the scare of her life!

Inside a guitar case, surrounded by bug corpses, resided this beast of a predator: The Brown Widdow.
It was HUGE!!!
Though apparently not as dangerous as it's deadly female namesake, it is still quite scary looking. Learn all about this spider on Wikipedia!

Unfortunately, one of the drawbacks of the perfect climate in California, is that these fiends live year-round, and spread like wildfire. One must be quite careful of outdoor dark, dry nooks and crannies!

Here's a comparison of the monstrosity to a quarter. Notice that i'm holding the quarter with Alexander's CLAW in order to keep a nice and safe distance from the fangs of this bad boy.


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marek  posted on  Wednesday, July 24, 2013

more info: This is a relatively new phenomenon.
See article here:

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