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Tuesday, December 27, 2011
Merry Christmas!
for Christmas, the family trekked on down to the good ol' OC, where i was lovingly born and raised. It was spent in the very same house that i grew up in. (very cool!)

The BEST thing about this year was that the cousins got a chance to all get together! In 2011, two new cousins entered the mix, making a total of SIX for my very happy and very grateful parents.
Here's a rare shot of 5 of the little buggers in a row.

My parents (read: mum) spends a LOT of time decorating the house. And i must say, it really ends up being absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Just check out the effort and detail put into this fireplace mantle!

Everyone got to open up their presents, and smiles and giggles abounded! But the best present of all, was for Maggie May: a wrapped gift! It really didn't matter what was inside, because, man O MAN did she love the paper!

A very calm and collected Christmas was had, and me and the wifey got to spend some nice time with the family.

And in the end, the kids were all nestled up in their beds, with thoughts of sugar plums dancing in their heads....
Don't WE wish! Nope, the little rug-rats were at it again, pointing up on the roof: "we heard Santa!"

Merry Christmas to all!

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