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Sunday, December 18, 2011
Pre-Christmas Prep
The Christmas season has arrived, and with much fanfare, the Zakrzewski family is preparing for the arrival of the Big Man!
Threre is lots to do this Christmas, and we're off to a great start. I'm very happy to say that we'll be spening the holidays here in LA/OC this year, instead of Minnesota. While we do miss out on the snow and seeing the inlaws, i must admit the stress level is about 1 / gagillionth of normal. With less stress and more calm, we can actually enjoy eachother during wonderful time of year.

What Christmas would be complete without the ol' Grizwald family tradition of going out into the forest and chopping down a tree?
Well, we're not that fancy. We'll settle for our local Tree lot.

And then comes the fun part: Decorating the Christmas tree!
This year we bought brand new fancy "LED" light for the tree. They are like 10 times as efficient, almost never burn out, don't make any heat (safety!) and the look fantastic. Highly recommened. Decorating is a family affair, and Alexander was such a great helper. He put the vast majority of the decorations up himself! Since we're still a relatively new family, we don't have a lot of ornaments yet. But i imagine as the years move on, they will grow in number!

Even little Maggie May got in on the action and got the bottom of the tree in order!

And what season would be complete without the requisite Christmas time favorites? Alexander and momma made these delicious treats. And Alexander helped eat them with just as much gusto too! YUM!!

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john  posted on  Friday, March 1, 2013

that is ONE delicious looking G-man!

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