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Sunday, November 27, 2011
The Big SIX
A few days ago it was Maggie May's 6 month birthday! Yay!
Hey hey. It's not like we celebrated or anything. We are simply thrilled to have this wee happy love-bunny in our lives! And so i figured it was time to write a baby update.

Maggie has been doing just fine as of late. The big question the pro's ask is "how does she sleep?" Well, unfortunately, like a baby. Which is not quiet at all. She was doing great the first two months, sleeping through the night 'n all. Then, suddenly, out of the blue, she decided that she wanted to start growing. And demands a boob not once, but twice a night. 11pm & 4am. Most nights that's it. But about once a week, she just doesn't want to go back down to sleep, and wakes up every two ours, and refuses to snooze again.
So it's been a little bit tough with the sleep sitch there. We plan on starting her on some yummy rice cereal. Today. (no, seriously, today). That should help with the grumbly tummy! If she would only stop spitting it all back up again....

This is Maggie all snoozed up and cuddly in her favorite spot : The Pampasan Cradle Swing.

The next question we always get is "how does Alexander get along with his new sister?" A very valid question, for sure! The big fear is that the older sibling will be jealous and resentful of the new arrival, and demand more attention. I'm happy to report that that's absolutely NOT an issue here!
Alexander is an absolute peach. I was smart and headed off the problem before it arrived. I make sure to include him in pretty much everything that little Maggie May is doing. Feeding time? Want to hold the bottle for her? Oh look! A wet diaper! Lets go change it together. And my favorite, is when Alexander is playing, and i'm holding baby May, i talk to Maggie about her brother. I say what nice things he's building, and what a smart boy he is, and what a lucky girl she is to have him as an older brother. The kid just gleams from ear to ear.
Alexander also has a very strong natural protective instinct. He always wants to take care of her, bring her blankets, and make sure she isn't falling out of her bouncy seat. again. Nothing but love!
They make a great pair, the two of them!

As for Maggie May herself, she is progressing quite a bit. She's still small, and when i look at pictures from even two or three months back, i don't notice THAT much of a difference. Even though the pediatrician assures me that she is indeed getting bigger, weighing in at a solid 15 pounds just one week ago.
But the real treat is her development. Her big blue eyes follow everything. She's a cuddler, and doesn't like to be put down, which can get a bit tiresome at times. As of 1 month ago, she's been able to flip over from her back onto her belly, and really doesn't like laying on her back anymore, now that she's learned this new trick.
She can't sit up yet, but she has taken to sleeping on her side the last few days, which is pretty neat. Her grip is incredibly strong, and it really amazes me sometimes. She's a baby! How come i can't take this empty bottle away from her!
Speaking of bottles, Mags loves her feet. I mean, her legs are pointing straight up like half the time she's in a seat. It's hilarious! Check out this four-membered death grip hold she's got on this bottle.

Ain't NO ONE gonna take this bottle away from me!

Now i have to say, my favorite development by FAR has been her voice. She's quite chatty all the time with her squeals and grunts. It's totally cute, and she sounds just like a baby. But the last few days i've noticed that the pitch has changed to an octave or two higher.
Now her squeals are super cute, and it's a good reminder that i don't just have a beautiful baby.
I have a beautiful baby girl!!

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