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Saturday, October 29, 2011
The Situation: So we're eating dinner. Since Halloween is comming up soon, we've got a bowl of water sitting on the coutner. Inside of the bowl, are two of those grow-to-ten-times-the-size toys, which happen to be spiders. So the spiders have been the talk of the house for about two days, and they are now easily three to four times their original size, which i must say, is pretty neat.
So Alexander is not eating his dinner again. No biggie. It happens, well, lets see, yup, pretty much each night. As he's running out of excuses why not to eat dinner, he eyes the bowl in which the massive growing spiders reside.

Alexander sticks his hand in the dirty bowl. "Please don't put your hands in the bowl" i say, as the water has gotten a bit cloudy. Of course, he looks me in the eyes, and proceeds to stick both hands into the bowl. I say again, "It's dinner time now. Eat. Don't put your hands in the bowl!"

He looks at his plate, then takes a bunch of rice and drops it in the bowl.
"Alexander! I eat your dinner right now. Do not put anything else in the bowl!"
He sits for a second, thinks, and then takes a full handfull of rice, and dumps the whole handful into the bowl.

I am now extremly upset. "Alexander!" i excalim. "WHAT are you doing? Are you deaf??!"
To which the little rebel responds:

"no. why? Did the spiders say something???"

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