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Thursday, May 19, 2011
This morning our little one wakes up at his usual 6:15am and hops into bed with mommy & daddy. Thrashing around, the wiggle worm simply can't lie still.
So many knees!!
Mommy tells him to be still (for the tenth time). Miraculously, he simmers down for a few minutes, just enough for me to merrily skip off into the magical place somewhere in-between awake and asleep. And then i hear a whisper in my left ear.

Alexander: daddy
Me: ...
Alexander: daddly!
Me: eh.. urm.. fg...
Alexander: daddy!!
Me: (startled) what? (thinking he must have something VERY important to say)
Alexander: ... what's your favorite ......... cheese?
Me: ... huh?
Alexander: what's your favorite cheese??

of course, at this point i strugle to even think of ANY type of cheese.

Me: mozzarella
Alexander: mozzarella?
Me: yup
Alexander: ...mozzarella...
Alexander: Mommy!
Mommy: yes?
Alexander: mommy, what's YOUR favorite type of cheese?
Mommy: i like cheddar. What's your favorite type of cheese?

Alexander: hmmmmm..... i'm thinking.... Rex cheese. My favorite cheese is T. Rex cheese!

And with that i present the first, of what i'm sure will be many, MANY, Funny Things My Offspring Says.

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Kato Potato  posted on  Thursday, May 26, 2011

Nice Mark! lol

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