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Friday, March 25, 2011
The Alexander Report, Part VIII
Hello ladies and gentlemen! I'm proud to bring you the next installment of the Alexander report. This is a very special edition as this will be the last and FINAL Alexander report. But do not be dismayed! With baby sister well on her way in less than two months, these reports will no longer be about Alexander. In the future, they will be known as Zakrzewski Family Updates. Alas, the mighty one known as Alexander will have to share the spotlight in the near future. But he's ready for it! Oh, is he ready. Always asking about baby sister in mama's belly. "When is she coming?" he asks. "I love baby sister!" he says. "I wanna play with baby sister!" Whoa there killer. Too soon. Too soon.

So he's now almost three. THREE! He's his own little man now, with an amazing personality, plenty of likes and dislikes, and a chatter box like you wouldn't believe. I distinctly remember just after he turned two, watching an episode of Super Nanny (what??) with Sarah. There was a very chatty kid on there that was talking away like no tomorrow. I asked Sarah how old that kid was. Four? Five? She said three. I remember thinking, is Alexander going to be talking that much in less than a year?? There's just no way!
Well, Mr. Verbose has arrived. Talk talk talk. Question question question. Endlessly. Mind you i'm not complaining (ok, maybe a little bit), but it can be quite draining. I'm a pretty quiet guy, and this is a BIG change for me. So much being said, all the time. I guess that's how they'll learn about the world!

He's been going to a mom's morning out class twice a week, and thus has been learning how to deal with other kids. This is good. He's also been attending swimming lessons for the last couple of months. Well, they're more 'survival' lessons, and learning to float (ie, not sink like a stone). But it's a great start! He's taking like a fish to water. Good stuff.
In some other good news, i'm happy to say that barring the occasional accident, he is potty trained! All before the age of three! Huzzah! No more changing massive, stinky poops for daddy. (well, at least for a couple of months...) He will just stop doing what he's doing and run to the bathroom. He even likes using the grown-up toilet, which saves me even more steps. Score!
Now however he see's daddy peeing, and wants to be just like daddy (can you blame him?). Yep, that gets to be a yellow mess real quick.

Alexander is a puzzle maniac. He absolutely LOVES puzzles. He will throw together puzzles in the blink of an eye. He's extremely intelligent, and patient when he wants to be. He'll pick up a piece and see if the image is close to the ones already put together. Then he'll try to connect it, rotating the piece each way until he finds a match. He is truly amazing.

Well, without further delay, here're Alexander's latest likes & dislikes:

Alexander Loves:
To talk. Endlessly.
Asking "what for?" in regards to everything.
Standing on his chair while eating
Building Towers and bridges out of blocks
Going anywhere with daddy in his truck
Mowing the lawn with daddy.
Swimming lessons!
Snuggling with mommy in bed with a good book, preferably about pirates
Fixing and building anything with daddy
Bubble gum
Trucks, construction and emergency vehicles. Fire Engine anyone?!
Puzzles, puzzles, puzzles!

Alexander Hates:
Keeping his pants & underwear on. That cheeky little devil....
Picking up his toys
When anyone uses their cell phone instead of playing with him
Sleeping in
Going to bed. Seriously ANY excuse he can muster to delay his bed time...

So that's it for this final edition of the Alexander Report. Thanks for reading, and wish us luck with baby #2!

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oh you know who  posted on  Friday, March 25, 2011

Mark you are a quiet guy? I call shenanigans

jen  posted on  Sunday, March 27, 2011

oh what a cutie!

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