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Tuesday, March 22, 2011
Amazing Technology
I did it. I pulled the trigger.
After a good 6 years with T-mobile, and being an exclusive fan of the sidekick series of cellphones, i finally bought a new cell phone.

And i couldn't be happier.

After WEEKS of research, i decided to go with an HTC Inspire 4G.

I a word, this phone is breathtaking. An astute reader will point out that the sidekicks were almost smartphone-esq. They had a keyboard, e-mail & web surfing (albeit quite limited), and lots of other features. But honestly, compared to my new baby, the sidekick was just plain pathetic.
As a matter of fact, most phones fall well below the bar compared to the Inspire. This phone is truly a thing of beauty. And after having a chance to use it for about three weeks, i'm happy to say i will NEVER go back. Here's a partial list of reasons of the top of my head why this phone is a thing of pure and simple beauty.

1) It's an Android. That means no locked down OS, restricted device features, retard manufacturer-specific crutches or anything else like that. Yes, even it iPhone 4, the flagship Apple phone, is shunned to shame compared to the Inspire.

2) It has a MASSIVE (but not too big) 4.3" screen.

3) GPS. I don't know how i POSSIBLY lived without GPS before this. I now actually have a sense of direction!

4) Pretty much all most important functions are accessible by voice control. That right. Send a text message? Say "text message to john stewart meet me at the gym after work." To find the nearest gas station? "map local gas stations." To go grab the nearest burger? "navigate to nearest In N Out." etc, ect.

5) FLash support. Web pages now ALL load beautiful and have full functionality.
Eat your heart out, Apple!

6) Customization. You can have live wallpapers. You can tweak or change pretty much EVERY SETTING on the phone. From different application sounds & notifications, to themes which change the look & feel of your phone. You can customize the bejezus out of your phone. I love it!

7) Widgets. These are live updating applications that bring data to the phone's desktop where you need it most. Weather updates, news feeds, daily words, clocks, and many, many others. These make the phone feel like you are really connected with the world, and information is truly at the tip of your fingers.

8) The Android APP store. Anything, and i mean ANYTHING you could ever want an app for, you can get it from the App store. The vast majority of these apps are free, with some that cost money. From looking at stars in space, to treating your phone like a wireless PC hard-drive, the applications that are available will literally blow your mind.

As an aside, i picked up my lady's iPhone 3G yesterday for the first time in 3 weeks after having used (that's an understatement) the Inspire exclusively since i bought it. Let me tell you, i have never been more under-whelmed by a phone!! We as humans get used to an amazing amount of capability in an amazingly short period of time. I cannot stress this enough: it PALES in comparison!
Viva la Android!

In addition to it all, i switched to AT&T and jumped in a family plan with my lady. so now i'm paying $10/month for the phone + $25/month for data + $10/month for unlimited texting. For a grand total of $45/month, i now have a phenomenal phone for a phenomenal price.

Man, i love technology.

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