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Tuesday, November 9, 2010
Wonderful Lake Tahoe Wedding
Our good friends Bill Ledebuhr and Robyn Schafer were getting married in Lake Tahoe, California. Since Sarah & I hadn't taken a vacation in two years, we decided it was high time for one. So off we went!

Lake Tahoe was absolutely spectacular. There were a TON of fun things to do, and the weather was phenomenal all weekend. On Saturday, we decided to go Para sailing, as i had never gone before. It's (was) on my list!

The feeling of flying up-up in the air was absolutely breathtaking. We went up like 80 feet or so in the air, and the view from up above was insane. I am also now confident that i am in fact not afraid of heights!

We also got to take an extended cruise for about an hour because the para sailing boat decided to help tow another boat to a port clear on the other side of the lake. Bonus!

The Scenery overall was unbelievably beautiful. The night skies over the lake made some of the most amazing sunsets i had ever seen!

Of course the wedding was successful, and went off without a hitch.

My congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs. Bill Ledebuhr!

The weekend was spectacular, and i the vacation gave us much rest and a chance to catch not only our breaths from the daily grind, but also to catch up with each other. You sometimes forget how much fun you can have with a person when all you're focused on is getting through the day.

So here's to smiling once in a while. LIVE LIFE!!

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