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Friday, October 1, 2010
Organizng Adventures
We've lived in our new house for almost a year, and it's still a mess. Our garage is still full of stuff, and i'm getting sick of it. So first up to bat was to organize those things that i COULD organize. Mainly, the massive eyesore that is our DVD collection. I must mention that in our previous apartment, our next door neighbor was a wonderful lady named Susan with a heart the size of the moon. She also happened to do movie reviews for the LA times, so we would come home every few days to a brand new DVD waiting for us at our front door.
To make a long story short, we now have a TON of DVDs. Somewhere north of 300. Here they are, stacked up and looking for a home.

And this doesn't include about another 100 or so kids DVDs that we have no idea what to do with just yet. So for some suggestions, i hit up our close friend Star Hansen who is an amazing Organizing Professional for some advice. She has been featured on the Tyra Banks show, HGTV, and now is starting a new show about organizing.

Check out her website at www.SimplifiedSpaces.org

For our DVD problem, she recommend a company that sells DVD sleeves in a first step to help us out of our movie organizing nightmare. The sleeves are super thin, hold a number of DVDs, and take up like 1/4th the space of a standard DVD case.
Here i am putting the DVDs into sleeves. It took a LOOOOooooong time.

And next to me is a completely full recycling container filled with just the DVD cases. Insane!
None the less, our DVD collection is organized and looking absolutely fabulous!

Thanks, Star Hansen! We'll definitely be looking you up for organizing advice for the rest of the house too!

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