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Wednesday, October 13, 2010
the vampire obsession
I come home after a long day of work and stumble upon a book on the counter. It's a TWILIGHT book.
Holy crap.
I can't call it a novel, because, seriously, what the HELL is so novel about it?? Have you heard of Dracula!? Yea, not very NEW, now is it. This disease that is a mixture of wannabe danger, obsession, and a complete lack of realism know as 'vampires in love,' has now spread into my home!!

I was hoping it was some sick and twisted joke, but Sarah has admitted to reading the tasteless romantic trash. She finds it 'entertaining.'

Well, you wanna know what i would find entertaining? THIS:

That's right. Smack in the middle of a steamy tweeny romance scene, an honest-to-god VELOCIRAPTOR comes tearing through and DEVOURS the entire cast.

Now THAT is what i would call entertainment.

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