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Tuesday, September 21, 2010
My Claim to Stardom
I just stumbled upon this awesome article on GrindTV.com about the BEST ATHLETE IN THE WORLD.
He's 38 year old surfer by the name of Kelly Slater. And i'm related to him.

Seriously. Not by 6 degrees of separation or anything like that, but by a direct family connection!
Here's how.

My brother (1) married a wonderful girl named Madeline Slater (2). Her father's brother had a child who just unlikely so happens to be the father of Kelly Slater. This makes Kelly Slater - Mady's cousin (3). They grew up together, and wouldn't you know it, Mady's one hell of a boogie-boarder too.
Friggin' awesome!

In addition to being the best athlete, he also did a stint with Pamela Anderson, which i must say is quite impressive as well.

So here's to me being a mere three hops away from being the BEST ATHLETE IN THE WORD!

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