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Saturday, September 18, 2010
Alexander Report, Part VII
Well, its that time again. Time for another status update on Alexander! The little tyke is growing by leaps and bounds. He is now two and 1/3. Wow.
I remember back when Alexander was first born. I said to myself: Self, don't be like those other parents. Don't brag about the "awe-inspiring" accomplishments of your child. Don't get all goo-goo when he takes his steps or starts to talk. It's just silly. But you know what, folks? I might just have to go back on that. I believe it's time (the the chagrin of my many single friends) to start bragging about my child. I mean, he really is amazing!
But before you start rolling your eyes, i've figured out WHY parents do it. Lets say you have a puppy. After a few weeks, he learns to come when you call his name. Months later he learns to pee and poop outside and on walks. After a year, maybe he can shake your hand and play fetch. Then comes rolling over, jumping, maybe even some circles. And then that's it. For the vast majority of dog owners, that's ALL that the dog can do. 10 years later, that's STILL all he can do. So our view of teaching/learning is really framed by the capabilities of a canine or feline.
But then you have a child. He is amazing. He learns things you teach him. He picks things up with his hand, and soon he's throwing them. He eats with a fork and knife. He starts speaking, TWO LANGUAGES SIMULTANEOUSLY. He says close to full sentences. He knows what he likes and who he is. He has a wonderful personality. He is his own man.
And he's only TWO.

That is why parents are continuously awed by their children. Just the other day, he said pointed to the ladder and said to me "big orange ladder." In POLISH! So yea, i'm just a wee bit proud. And i really can't wait to watch the little guy developing into the person he'll soon be.
But enough gushing. On to his changes.

Alexander Likes:
the park
jumping in the pool
Going to morning school (twice a week)

Alexander Dis-likes:
Brussel Sprouts, no matter how much ranch you put on them
being left alone
putting away/leaving his toys

So Sarah being such a chatty cathy, Alexander is extremely vocal. He talks. A LOT. It kinda makes my head hurt sometimes. But i think it's a good thing. He has also started a habit of clustering. This, honestly, worries me. Everywhere he goes, he just absolutely MUST bring a backpack overflowing with items: toys, clothes, rocks, you name it. Even if you're taking him to the park (where there are of course lots of things to play with) he insists on bringing it. When we get there, of course he must leave them in the car, and he doesn't like that one bit. I fear he may turn into a pack-rat like his grandmothers! Heavens no. This one needs to get nipped in the bud.

Well that's about all for this edition. He's gonna keep growin' and i'll try to keep up!

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the bomb  posted on  Sunday, September 19, 2010

omg--a collector-yes, on walks he is always finding treasures. I have done that with him always. No regrets. Shows the lad's curiosity. He will be constantly prepared for show and tell in school. :) thanks for the updates.I cherish your observations,pix and all Alexander news . Now if I had a webcam...

maggie  posted on  Thursday, September 23, 2010

i really thought we had a shot with the ranch... maybe if daddy set a better example, hmmm?!?!

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